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With the atmospheric dispersion models the air quality is estimated. The results of the models are concentrations for all relevant pollutants. For example the concentration of ozone all over Europe, expressed by SOMO35 (see Fig. 1) is estimated by the in EcoSenseWeb integrated dispersion modells. The estimated difference in the simulated air quality situation between the case and the reference situation are combined in the next step with the concentration response functions. EcoSenseWeb calculates the change in concentraion for each pollutant. Figure 2 shows an example of SOMO35 concentration changes due to emissions of a facility in France (near by Luxembourg).

Fig. 1: Concentrations of SOMO35 for the base-scenario 2020.
Change in concentrations
Fig. 2: Change in concentration of SOMO35 due to emissions of a facility in France (near by Luxembourg).

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