To access the EcoSenseWeb-service you have to register and request for an account. The account enables the creation of individual facilities, the definition of case-studies and the calculation of the case-studies. The results are accessible over the Internet and they can be downloaded. EcoSenseWeb is applicable for individual single sources like an individual power plant for Europe. In the context of cooperation with other institutions we do calculations using further versions of EcoSense (e.g. the multi-source-version WATSON, EcoSense transport, or calculations for other regions than Europe). Of course this needs funding.

EcoSenseWeb was developed within the EU-projects NEEDS and CASES. Project partners from these project have free access. Other users obtain access for a small handling fee (310 Euro net price) and after signing a licence agreement. Following the license agrrement which has to be agreed:

If you agree with this and you would like to get an account for EcoSenseWeb you should register (see Register-button on the top of the page). After registration the EcoSenseWeb-Team will contact you and forward a signed license agreement. The agreement has to be signed by yourself and you have to send the signed copy back to IER via mail or fax. After this we will sent an invoice and we will activate your account.

The EcoSenseWeb-server is currently down for maintenance. Registration is currently not possible!
We are currently updating our software. The new version will be available during 2018!