Structure of EcoSenseWeb model
Fig. 2: General Structure of the EcoSenseWeb system.
Figure 2 shows the general structure of the EcoSenseWeb system. Via the 'User interface', facilities and case studies are defined. The user can modify the emissions and the technical parameters of the facilities, and the assessment framework. EcoSenseWeb implements a dynamic and interactive web based user interface to enable easy and comfortable access to the system. The user interface and the modelling framework, i.e., the calculation engine, are strictly separated to guarantee high flexibility.

The modelling framework (see. Figure 2) combines needed modules to handle individual questions. Given that EcoSense is grown over decades some technical and structural limitations were reached. Thus, to improve and to enhance the model, the selected solution was to break down Ecosense in stand-alone modules. Due to this reconfiguration we obtained a more flexible and adaptable tool. The modular design guarantees well encapsulated code and also allows switching to the best suited programming language when adding new modules which ensures interoperability. Third party programs are as well encapsulated into modules and provided with interfaces to be included in the pool of modules. The modules have to be described in a common description language to state the functionality, prerequisites and the interfaces, i.e., input and output data, of a module. The description language has to be general enough to represent any sort of module in the given context, thus we chose XML-files to describe modules. One advantage is the structured way to describe the semantics of information where the structure is stated by XML-schemes. The interfaces of the modules are as well described by XML-schemes where concrete data are entities of the scheme.
Finally, to choose and connect modules in a flexible way a modelling framework was realized. It is responsible to automatically start and to control the run of modules and to organize the exchange of data.

The EcoSenseWeb-server is currently down for maintenance. This means you only have restricted access! You can still access all your existing results but new calculations are not possible!
We are currently updating our software. The new version will be available during 2018!